Membrane and organelle stains (216)

Wide selection of fluorescent nuclear stains, cell membrane dyes, cytoplasmic tracers, nerve terminal dyes, cytoskeletal probes, and more.

Cytoplasm stains, gap junction dyes, polar tracers (54)

Fluorescent dyes or biotin derivatives that can be used to stain the the cytoplasm of living cells.

Cytoplasmic membrane stains (46)

DiI, DiO, and related carbocyanine dyes, including Biotium's CellBrite membrane stains.

Cytoskeleton stains (22)

Fluorescent phalloidins for staining actin microfilaments, featuring bright and photostable CF dyes.

Endoplasmic reticulum (ER) and Golgi apparatus stains (1)

Fluorescent short-chain carbocyanine dyes, ceramide and sphingomyelin conjugates.

Lysosome stains (3)

Featuring Biotium's far-red fluorescent LysoView 633.

Mitochondrial stains (15)

Membrane-potential dependent and independent fluorescent mitochondrial dyes, featuring MitoView dyes.

Nuclear stains (20)

Fluorescent nuclear counterstains, live cell stains, and dead cell stains.

Receptor/ion channel toxins and probes (29)

Tetrodotoxin (TTX), bungarotoxins (BTX), and other receptor probes, featuring bright and photostable CF dyes.

Synaptic vesicle stains (26)

SynaptoGreen and SynaptoRed nerve terminal dyes (also known as FM dyes), kits, and accessories.