Toxins and other natural products (58)

Phalloidin, bungarotoxins, tetrodotoxin and their fluorescent and biotin conjugates, including Biotium's bright and photostable CF dyes.

Bungarotoxins and their conjugates (14)

Bungarotoxins and biotinylated and fluorescent α-bungarotoxin probes for nicotinic acetylcholine receptors.

Phalloidin conjugates (22)

Phalloidin conjugates of biotin and fluorescent dyes for staining filamentous actin.

Tetrodotoxin (2)

Sodium channel blocker, available with or without citrate.

Other natural products and conjugates (17)

Biotium offers CF dye-labeled biomolecules including cholera toxin subunit B, transferrin and c-AMP.